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Default Re: Higher fsb or higher multi?

Thanks ED !

I guess the tricky part for me is knowing just how much you can safely raise the voltages without stressing things to much. Mullet said it pretty good there about a nice stable OC for 24/7 use.

It easy to look around and see how some people can really jack up OC's and push the OC to Max. I would advise checking other peoples setups and see what they are using for 24/7.

But if your benching then thats a whole different thing.
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Default Re: Higher fsb or higher multi?

That's some great info ED, thank you. I don't think I've ever seen that spelled out that way, but it sure makes much sense. I've also always been nervous about raising a voltage too high, now I know more about what to look for.
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Default Re: Higher fsb or higher multi?

Yeah Mullet is right, once you found your maximum stable OC, you lower that some, so your parts will live longer.

I run 8x multi and 400 fsb (333 stock), with ram set to 1:1 ratio. I cant raise the multiplier above 8x so Im forced to oc with the fsb, but it gets unstable above 400, I suspect the cheap ram but I dont mind. Its a nice enugh oc for me

Since FSB affects many things (for both good and bad), you get a snappier system with high fsb, Then again, you'll prolly only notice the difference in syntetic benchmarks compared to same speed with lower fsb and a higher multi.
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