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Default geforcefx 5200 ULTRA or 5600 NON-ULTRA

what's better...?

need some info... i want a decent card for gaming/media use.
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gfFX5600 should be the better card.
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I luv mah ti4200 340/700
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wow I asked the same question before. The fx5600 is a little better despite lower clock speeds, I hear the IQ is better and the shader speeds are faster. However its not a cheap card, expect to pay $180 for a 256mb verson and its slower than a ti4200 right now, but may change when dx9 games are everywhere
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decent card, just dont get the 256 meg version. it'll just suck up more money for ZERO performance gain.
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At equivalent clock speeds, the NV31 in the 5600 series is a significantly better performer than the NV34 of the 5200 series.
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I just got an FX 5600 from Soltek. it's about the same perf as my old Ti4200. But this thing can OC like nothing I've seen! puts it almost at Ti4600 perf in todays games.

325/550 stock
405/630 stable OC!

if I go 410 core it crashed, and if I go 640 mem, things go slow as well, and @ 650, I get errors, and things crawl...

you'll find it for under $150 online, but they're not a very popular brand to carry...
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Originally posted by yoladude
decent card, just dont get the 256 meg version. it'll just suck up more money for ZERO performance gain.
Infact they are slower as they have reduced memory clock speeds.

128MB version 550MHz
256MB version 500MHz
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