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Default RH7.3 2.4.18-10 and 3d drivers

I know that this is discussed in many different threads, but I am a semi-noobie to Linux....
What i have, AMD Athlon 1.1Ghz, and a GeForce 2 GTX/Pro 64
I installed RedHat 7.3 and installed the Nvidia drivers and after many attempts got them working on 2.4.18-3 kernel, but it was not stable enough so I upgraded the kernel and tried to get the video drivers to work, but to no avail.

Right now I get an error:
depmod: ***Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.4.18-10/kernel/drivers/char/drm/sis.o
modprobe: Cant locate module NVdriver

What I have tried is the tar files, but they kept trying to install to 2.4.18-3 even if I tried the ls -s linux2.4.18-10 linux(something like that didnt look it up)

So I also tried the src.rpm, with the i686.rpm, but NVchooser told me to us the athlon.rpm so I tried that to but nothing. I was reading that I should get headers off the install cds but I looked and didnt find them, but they could be there and I just didnt see them.
Right now I cant use Xwindows so I have to keep switching between window and linux for now

Hope this is enough info, any help installing the 3d graphics for an upgraded kernel?
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Anybody have any ideas??
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Default If you compile a new kernel... compile Nvidia driver too

If you have compiled your kernel ( a new version ) then you have to recompile and install your Nvidia-driver ( but not Nvidia-GLX)

I use src.rpm, because I use RedHat

With src.rpm, you recompile it with:

rpmbuild --rebuild Nvidia_kernel.src.rpm ( or the file you have downloaded )

If all is OK, then in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386, there will be your Nvidia_kernel.rpm

Install it with:

rpm -U Nvidia_kernel.rpm --force ( --force because it exist and is the same version)

If you try to recompile Nvidia_driver from src.rpm , it will be compiled for your current running kernel, not kernel in /usr/src/linux. There is a variable to export, TARGET_KERNEL, I think, but don't remember now

About drm.o , I recommend do a "make mrproper" and configure and compile your kernel. If error still exists, delete this file or say N to drm/dri options ( Nvidia use Internal DRI, not from Kernel )
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wow, thanx alot, although I did not get the rpmbuild to work, I did have the rpm file already in the /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386 directory and when I ran the rpm -U --force it installed and everything worked.
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