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Default Need help - wife's PC

Over the last few months, here's the problem that has been developing. Anytime you try to transfer a lot of data over USB, the PC freezes and crashes. An example of this would be transferring a large file to a thumb drive, or syncing an IPOD. Smaller bandwidth tasks, such as using a gamepad, work fine.

There's been no hardware or software change preceding this. It started occurring, and has gotten progressively worse. My guess right now is that the mobo is dying. She's using a Biostar NF4UL-A9 (NF4 Ultra AMD). She was using Forceware 6.86 (latest version up till this past week) for a long time before and when this issue occured. We have since upgraded to the new 15.17, but that has not further affected the issue either way.

So, I'd like to hear from you guys if you agree with me (mobo dying), or if you think it's either another hardware issue, or if you believe she may be having some sort of software issue. She's using Windows XP SP3.
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R.I.P. Babe Thread
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Default Re: Need help - wife's PC

Tough to say. How much memory is in her system? I have an nForce4 socket 939 board as well and have used the 6.86 drivers since their release. No USB problems here, so that kind of leads me to some sort of hardware or software conflict. Could be stupid SP3, but I have that, too.

BTW, thanks for the heads up on the drivers 15.17. Didn't know they were out. Just installed over 6.86 with no problems and my system boots up much faster now!

Hope you get your wife's problem figured out. Good luck.

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Default Re: Need help - wife's PC

The problem is that you have a wife.

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Default Re: Need help - wife's PC

i had that issue before on nforce4 board with server 2003. took me weeks troubleshooting. after a while i found some usb hotfix for server 2003 that wasn't posted on microsoft.com yet. that hotfix fixed all the issues.

but like you said, it also could be as simple as dying board, if you have a spare HDD around remove the one that is inside right now, plug in the spare HDD. install same OS on it and test it from there.

If same thing happens then most likely board is bad, if it doesn't something got screwed up with your install.
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Default Re: Need help - wife's PC

Originally Posted by Bearclaw View Post
The problem is that you have a wife.

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Default Re: Need help - wife's PC

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
In all seriousness though, it's definitely a problem with the fonts.
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