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Default Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Experiences

I recently lucked into purchasing a nice little pc. The processor was an AMD 3800+ and it had 512mb DDR2 as well as a 120GB harddrive and a Cd/Dvd burner. The problem was that it was loaded with Vista Basic. I can only see that as pure insanity and so the idea to experiment and load up linux came to mind. Typically I have only fooled with live CD's and such.

I was quite pleased that it was painless to install by reformatting the drive. Ubuntu really runs great even with only 512mb of Ram. I managed to install the restricted Nvidia drivers as well as enough codecs to play whatever I needed too. So far I am very happy with Linux. It seems a better then the 7.10 release as well. I may be a bit of a linux noob but it is very interesting and evena bit fun. What does everyone else think so far?

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Default Re: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Experiences

I haven't really tried it yet, but I plan on installing Ubuntu Studio 8.04 when I buy a new hard drive later this month.
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Default Re: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Experiences

I've used the beat for 8.04 quite extensively, and do enjoy. My only gripe was getting .WMA and DVDs to play, as well as compiz artifacting. Aside from that I love the OS, and am in the process of assembling a rig specifically for Ubuntu.
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Default Re: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Experiences

The only problem that I've had with 8.04 is the dang wireless. I have a Broadcom wireless card in my laptop and it worked in the beta, but an upgrade broke it for Linux. I've even tried other distros and it still won't work. Guess I'm just screwed on this one lol.

I even tried Kubuntu with KDE4 and let me warn you, KDE4 is just plain BROKE. No Admin Mode? WTF? I couldn't change anything less I could sudo into it. I downgraded to KDE3 and something didn't install right. So I'll probably go to Kubuntu with KDE3 later tonight and get my laptop corrected back for work.
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Default Re: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Experiences

I loved 7.10 but 8.04 was terrible in my case. I am now using Arch linux because of it.

I had many software crashes and performance issues.
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Default Re: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Experiences

I started running Ubuntu on my laptops/desktops since 6.10, and I now find myself almost always booting into my Ubuntu partition instead of Windows. I had run SuSE and Fedora on my machines before I moved to Ubuntu, but I was never enjoyed running Linux with those two distro.
In general, I am happy with Hardy on my Thinkpad T61p, although I am still have some little problems with the compatibility between Skype and PulseAudio, other than that, everything runs as smooth as silk.
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