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the dsc
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Default X receives signal 11, sporadically

I'm running debian Lenny, with a legacy driver, 96xx. I'll describe the most objective issue in the "main issue" paragraph, just in case anyone finds fun to think of possible complex interactions of multiple factors, there's another paragraph in which I share some speculations.

The main issue: After I've installed the legacy proprietary driver (96xx, by the debian way), sometimes the X session suddenly terminates, saying that it received "signal 11". I think that there's no strong association with any program in particular, or with hard CPU usage. It can happen with just openbox (the only WM I use), konqueor, xdkcal, karm and kalarm running. I've researched about it a little bit, and seems that most of the time what I've found was that for some people the X session does not even starts, but I'll look for more while I wait for some answer here.

Xorg.conf has the options for "accelmethod" being "smart", and the migration heuristics is "EXA". I'm using the monitor rotated most of the time (that being the main reason why I installed the driver, which, differently from the "nv", has acceleration with rotation)

Speculations and possibly unrelated issues: I have some hints that the power supply of the PC may be somewhat weaker than I need too, but I don't know if that would be a symptom, or just a parallel problem, could it be? With linux I have no problem at all (excluding this X signaled 11) suggesting power shortage, but with windows, in the same computer, there are some episodic slowness, unexplained by something like manny running processes, and one of the 3 HDDs (the one with windows installed) often has some troubles, needing checkdisk to fix something.

Once it affected linux; the x session ended with the message "hdd: status error: status=0x00 { }", "ide: failed opcode was: unknown".

The HDD issue is somewhat new and possibly unrelated, it coincided more with a somewhat troublesome reinstallation of windows (I had to format the partition with linux, the windows CD was refusing to do it for some reason), while the X server shutdown with the signal 11 precedes it, coinciding only with the installation of the proprietary nvidia driver.

Thanks in advance
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Default Re: X receives signal 11, sporadically

What's the power supply and the video card? Have you checked your memory with memtest86+?
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the dsc
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Default Re: X receives signal 11, sporadically

Thanks for the response.

I've been busy with many things, so I haven't had time to figure out how to use this memtest thing, but I think I "solved" it anyway.

Apparently the problem was that the linux kernel I was running wasn't quite appropriate for the CPU itself; the "proper" kernel would be for AMD64, but I only had bad experiences while using it for a little while, so I reverted to "generic" ones. I always get confused with these things, and I was using a whatever-686 kernel, when it should be something like i86, i386 or 486 something, or whatever-k7 at most; the 686 apparently is more adequate or even specific to the pentium family.

I think that it has been a few weeks or so since I've reinstalled the driver, still by the debian way, running the 486 kernel, and I haven't had the same problem yet. The eventual image vestiges on the screen still persist, however.

As a completely distinct issue, the power supply seems to really be an issue for windows, since it does not hangs/freezes if I turn of the power from the linux HDDs before running it. I'm just telling it since as I started with it seems that it needs an "end", I don't expect any follow-up regarding it
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