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Default Re: memory leak under compiz w/ 100.14.19

No, I haven't forgotten about this bug. Yes, you're correct, I haven't made progress on it in a long time. To answer a few questions:

1) No, I didn't stop working on it, I just haven't made any progress finding the memory leaks. I did find that in some cases compiz will leave A LOT of drawables allocated for way longer than it needs to. That is, even after windows have been destroyed, compiz was keeping a long list of pixmaps allocated and bound as textures. It lazily frees them, but I ran into cases where this never happened. I didn't track down the root cause of that, but that was definitely a compiz bug, or at least a problem in compiz that needed optimizing. I haven't checked if this has been fixed in the past few months.

2) I run compiz full time on 2 of my dev systems and my personal machine at home (gentoo x86, ubuntu x86, and ubuntu x86-64). I constantly swap the video cards in these systems (yes we have plenty of our own hardware). I have never seen persistent memory usage growth on any of these systems, so I'm guessing there is some path in the code (compiz or the driver or both) the people that see this hit that I don't.

3) Yes I already made numerous fixes related to this problem and eliminated a handful of memory leaks. Some of these fixes only made it into r173 and later, so testing with the latest driver is always best. Of course, I backported the fixes to the legacy drivers where applicable as well.

Now I'll boldly make some requests:

A while ago I asked for nvidia-bug-report.log's from people experiencing this problem, preferably generated while they are experiencing it. I got a few (thanks!), but not enough to say anything conclusive about what configurations are affected. So far I suspect low-vidmem GeForce 6/7 HW is primarily affected, but I can't say for sure, so please, if this bug affects you, generate a log and attach it to this thread. I'll add it to my data.

So far what I have gotten from this thread is that people run compiz, do some stuff, and after a while memory usage is high. This isn't a big help in reproducing, because I do stuff too, just probably not the same stuff you do :-) To help me reproduce, I need details. Preferably an exact list of steps to cause this bug to show up. For example:

-Start X.org version N.N.N with these options
-Start compiz version N.N.N with these command line options and these plugins/settings (provide screenshots of ccsm or equivalent information)

If you just installed ubuntu/fedora, turned on desktop effects, and left all the options at default values, great. That is good to know too, but

-Run some program (what version?) N times, with these options.

I understand providing an exact list of programs run in an exact order can be hard, so please at least provide a list of the programs you generally use, and about how long you run them, what you do with them, and how often you start/stop them.

Thank you for your help and patience thus far.
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