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Default Display flicker and audio problems

I'm having problems after installing x86_64 173.14.12. Everything seems to function with no apparent error messages but the display flickers and garbles the font and the audio will breakup and even slow down.

Ubunto 8.04
GNOME 2.22.3
BioStar GF8200 M2+

The display will intermittantly flash on its own. I notice the audio breakup with a .wav file playing.

The display breakup and audio disruption occur whenever a new window or function is opened up. The audio will have static and if I open more applications will begin to slow down.

With the NVIDIA driver unloaded everything works fine. I also notice less CPU utilization. The CPU utilization with the driver unloaded is about 17% vs. 50% or more with it loaded.

I have attached a sample TOP output along with nvidia-bug-report and dmesg.
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File Type: zip nvidia-bug-report.zip (31.7 KB, 94 views)
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Default Re: Display flicker and audio problems

Of course the way Murphy's law works, as soon as you post as a newb on a forum you stumble on the solution. Sort of like finding something in the last place you look.

I went back into BIOS setup and reset back to defaults. I then changed the things that needed changing for my configuration. Then, just to be thorough, I disabled my SATA interface. I'm currently limping along on an old IDE drive until after I finish proof of concept on my HTPC.

Anyway, problem solved. Disabling the SATA controller did the trick.
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Default Re: Display flicker and audio problems

Thank you *so* much.

Your suggestion has fixed an 8 month problem I have had with the nvidia drivers xD.

My Hardware:

8800GTS 512MB (G92)
Q6600 (@3.0 GHz, 1.25v load, prime stable)
P5K (Vanilla, non EPU)
1GB (x2) Apacer 800MHz DDR2 ram (@667MHz CL5)
Asus DRW-1814BLT (SATA)

This is true for all of the nvidia binary drivers I have tried (which are quite a few, but I can't remember specifics).

Basically, my problem was similar to yours. When windows (entering the desktop)/linux (after GDM started), I would have my screen repeatedly black out out for a second or two, seemingly at random. This behavior only occurred with the official nvidia driver, nv did not experience this (but was lacking in other areas). I never bothered too hard to try to find a solution, because I could 'fix' it under windows by simply changing the resolution. When the resolution was changed back, or the computer placed in suspend, the problem did not reoccur. Restarting, however did.

Your post made me think of the JMicron SATA chip on my board (P5K Vanilla, non EPU). I have heard that it is not very good, so simply disabling it in favour of the ICH9 (Intel Southbridge) was worth a try. And it worked! As a bonus it also shaved off a few seconds of my boot time. Note that I still have two SATA devices connected to the southbridge.
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