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Default Opinions wanted: most stable chipset for RHEL5 server for OpenGL

Heya all, looking for the wisdom of the masses here for a project. The project involves using Java3D offscreen rendering on a Red Hat Enterprise 5 server; we've found that Xvfb and Mesa are not capable enough (aka headless mode), so want to investigate adding a NVIDIA chipset card into the server(s) with the most stable drivers for direct OpenGL 1.3+ usage.

Your opinions on what chipset is the best are requested! The requirements are pretty basic:

- must be stable driver supported, the X server will run in the background on a given display and the Java3D will connect to it for rendering over and over and over

- does not need to be the newest or most fancy chip; indeed, since it's going into a server it might be an older chipset found on a certain form factor (at this time I don't know what form factor the server has)

- speed (fps), while nice, is not the most important factor. More important is the OpenGL API support for Java3D's use and it's hardcore OS driver stability with a standard RHEL5 server

There's a million and one NVIDIA chipsets out there; the Java3D world pretty much agrees they're the way to go instead of ATI for good, strong (and proper) OpenGL implementation. The question we now face is which of these chips is the right one to start working with...


(PMs accepted gladly if you want)
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