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Charles Hawkins
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Default 'Failed to allocate clip rectangle' error

I have a new GeForce FX 5700LE that I've been trying to get working for
a couple of months now with no success. When I first got it, it would run
for a few minutes and then lock up, usually with a blank screen, but
sometimes with various patterns on the screen. My attempts to get it
working seem to be going in the wrong direction as now it usually locks
up as soon as I try to move or open any new windows and sometimes
immediately after loading X before I can do anything at all. The error
log always reports the same error:
"Failed to allocate clip rectangle" multiple times.

I use "xsetroot -solid black" in my .xsession file but the background has
random pieces of various colored "snow" all over the screen in flwm and
pekwm. KDE and Enlightenment have their own background so this problem
doesn't show up with them. But all of them lock up quickly.

I think I've tried everything on the troubleshooting list including installing the
latest BIOS for my motherboard.

I've tried various kernel options--the most conservative settings I can
determine--but the problem remains the same. I've tried both 173.14.05 and
173.14.09 versions of the driver but didn't notice much difference. With
.09, the Xorg utilization would go to 100% which made it difficult to log
in remotely or attempt anything else. .05 doesn't do that and I
can blindly exit X and run other things but the screen remains blank or with
whatever pattern it filled with. Nothing seems to recover the screen except
a reboot.

I've tried to keep my system as plain-vanilla Debian as possible and do not
have an internet connection to update it (we are in Zambia, Africa), so almost
everything is original Etch distribution.

Attached is a Nvidia error log report. Any suggestions would be greatly
Attached Files
File Type: gz nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (29.4 KB, 107 views)
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Old 08-11-08, 06:53 AM   #2
Charles Hawkins
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Join Date: Aug 2008
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Default Re: 'Failed to allocate clip rectangle' error

173.14.12 does the same thing. Please, does anyone have any ideas on this?
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Charles Hawkins
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Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 4
Default Re: 'Failed to allocate clip rectangle' error

One last bump and then I'm going to start saving for an ATI card. I'm completely out of ideas so any suggestions would really be appreciated.
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