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Default Re: Importing .fg files (FaceGen Modeller) into Oblivion?

Originally Posted by Reynaldo
There is a way, or was, because It hasn't worked for me with the last patch. It's called Focon. I know it worked for me after patching the game, but now it doesn't. Still, you should give it a try.
oh nice, time to install oblivion once again.
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Default Re: Importing .fg files (FaceGen Modeller) into Oblivion?

It is possible because I have done it with emperor Palpitine's head, just can't remember how exactly, I think you import the head into a head.nif file, then load that into Construction Set.
Might need to use Max or Blender, I just can't remember because I did it a long time ago, just as a test to make sure lip-sync worked, and it did. So don't listen to anyone who says it's impossible because it's actually very easy. Sorry couldn't be more help.

Maybe these websites have the answer:

- "We specialize in custom FaceGen generated faces for Oblivion"


- "...save the generated face as an FG file. Then, using Zennorious' FaceGen to Oblivion Converter, apply the FaceGen file to an existing Oblivion save game. It's also useful to have Oblivion Face Exchange Lite so you can edit the hair style, transfer faces from one save game to another, and so forth."
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