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Default 8800 GT

I'm building a computer and was thinking about getting this card.. After reading these forums I'm questioning my decision. Is there any reason to go nVidia over ATI anymore?

I really just wanna build this computer, I just need to decide on a GFX card...

Go with nVidia, get poor 2D support, get ATI get poor 3D support. Is there a middle ground?
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Default Re: 8800 GT

I choosed and bought ATI ASUS 4850 one with 512Mb, at the same price segment there is nothing better...
If You're not in a hurry, I'll stick together all my comp parts this weekend (probably ) and I'll share first impressions whats better and what's not, including 2D and 3D...
But really, I don't understand why You're saying poor 3D on ATI, it's just good
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Default Re: 8800 GT

Well, the reason I said that is because I've heard nothing but ATI users complain about not being able to use compiz, or wine. Wine is pretty important for me, as I prefer not dual booting windows, and I like playing World of Warcraft.
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Default Re: 8800 GT

I've been giddy with delight over my 8800 GT under Linux.

Keep in mind that most people who post on this forum are going to be the ones who have problems with their card. Not too many sign up just to post that their card works, so just keep that in mind and take everything here with a grain of salt.
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Default Re: 8800 GT

How's the 9600 doing?

I'm going for a slightly more expensive case, so my budget has dropped.

My choice now is between the 9600, 8600 and Radeon 3870, thanks.
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Default Re: 8800 GT

Grab the 9600 GT, it's at the most 10% slower then a 8/9800GT and it's quite a bit cheaper. It's also easier to cool which should mean lower fan noise as well.
I don't think that anyone could tell the difference of the performance of a 9600 GT or a 8800 GT without relying on a fps counter.
Btw most of the "Bad 2D performance" is only when using bleeding edge window managers as Compiz or KDE4.
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Default Re: 8800 GT

Yeah, it's not just the window managers, it's the KDE4 desktop in general. Of course, Gnome doesn't have the best performance either with newer graphics cards.
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