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Default Can't shoot and drive in Warhead?

Just wondering if I missing a mapped key or something but I can no longer shoot while drive in Warhead. Rather, I have to stop the vehicle and get in the gunners seat to shoot. Is anyone else having this problem?
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Default Re: Can't shoot and drive in Warhead?

Depends what difficulty you are playing on. I think the new Jeep vehicle (forgot it's name) can shoot while driving on any difficulty and in multiplayer. Same with the hovercrafts.

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Default Re: Can't shoot and drive in Warhead?

Have to be on Normal difficulty to shoot and drive.
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Default Re: Can't shoot and drive in Warhead?

Yeah even with the new vehicle, which is kind of lame since that one mission really depends on being able to shoot and drive at the same time.
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Default Re: Can't shoot and drive in Warhead?

I actually managed to get into his vehicle and be the gunner while he was driving, although when I died and tried again he would always drive on whenever I was within 20m of him
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Default Re: Can't shoot and drive in Warhead?

Why could he have just hopped into the slightly better car you drive and either drive or work the gun? Prophet and Nomad managed to do this. I am hereby disappointed in Psycho's leadership abilities and O'Neil's ability to maintain an erection.
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