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Default Problems using beamer or the missing resolution

Since a few days I have a problem when I connect an external monitor or beamer. Especially when I use a bit of an older version of a monitor/beamer.

I have an IBM T61 with a NVidia Quadro NVS 140M graphics card with a 15.1" screen (native resolution 1400x1050).

Previously when I connected a beamer, selected a resolution of 1024x768 for the beamer (leaving my original resolution for laptop intact) there was automatic resizing/rescaling going on and the beamer showed the correct picture. Since this week the screen is cut off, I mis part of the screen below and to the right (it cuts of everything over 1024x768).

So I figured I should change my resolution to 1024x768 for my laptop also, however I can select every resolution between 1400x1050 and 640x480 EXCEPT 1024x768 that one is misteriously missing from my list of supported resolutions. (When I check in windows XP or Vista I do have this resolution).

I tried different solutions found with google, from installing an older, newer, beta driver to modifying my xorg.conf manually. Adding Mode or ModeLine entries into the xorg but for the live of me I cannot get that particulair resolution into the drop down box for selection.

If I use a basic VESA driver instead of the NVidia binary driver I can select it, but I need the binary driver because I need some of the options in the compiz stuff which doesn't seem to work without that driver.

So I need either a working rescale when I set my resolution on the beamer to 1024x768 and leave my laptop resolution as is (1400x1050) OR I need the 1024x768 resolution into my supported resolutions list.

Any pointers, solutions, hints? I tried the 169, 173, 177 version of the drivers, I tried the open-source one but neither works satisfactory... So please help.

Attached you will find my current xorg.conf.
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Unhappy Re: Problems using beamer or the missing resolution

No one with a solution? Or a hint?!

This issue is actually driving me crazy, why can I select every resolution except the one I need. If I use any other driver (nv or vesa) I can select the appropriate resolutions, but with the NVidia driver it doesn't work.

As a last resort I even tried disabling the reading of the EDID information and include ModeLines but for some reason the driver is happily ignoring the ModeLines and still reads the EDID information.

So currently it is really driving me nuts and I need that resolution. For some reason I think the EDID stuff with this driver is broken, with all the other drivers (nv/vesa) I can select all the resolutions (this even goes for external monitors with certain supported resolutions NOT being available with the nvidia driver).
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Default Re: Problems using beamer or the missing resolution

Still no tips or solutions.

I try to keep up with the beta drivers in the hope that one of those will fix the issue but until now no succes.

I tried using the IgnoreEDID and UseEDID. When I use either one, to state to not use the EDID I get a nice black screen/garbled. The only solution then is to CTRL-ALT-F1 to a console, stop the gnome/x, edit X11 manually and remove those settings and start gnome. But then I'm back at the crappy and missing resolutions.

I tried to add ModeLines (as stated previously) but even those seem to be happily ignored. No matter where I put them...

Still this is driving me nuts and for me it is a bug in the NVidia drivers (3rd party drivers work but wont allow any rich desktop behavior some of which I actually need).

So again please anyone...

Edit: Just created a nvidia-bug-report.log and attached it here.
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Last edited by mdeinum; 10-01-08 at 02:39 PM. Reason: Added bug-report file.
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