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Default upgrade to 2.6.26 breaks multicard video playback on all screens but 1

This multi-card all nvidia system worked well under Debian/etch (2.18.6?) kernel. It played video well, on all monitors, and otherwise normal gnome operations. Hyperthreded single intel cpu, 32 bit Debian etch.

Upgrading to 2.6.26-1-686 (latest debian lenny) and using driver 173.14 crashes the video playback application with a 'floating point exception' when attempting to play video on all monitors -- except one, which works normally with normal sound as before. Run the same app on any other monitor (mythfrontend) and where it worked previously, it crashes now. Same resolution on all monitors.

Also, software doesn't seem able to detect the resolution of any monitor except the one on which video playback works. The monitor that works is 'MidTop' in the xorg.conf. It is attached as CRT1 to the first video card -- the monitor attached to CRT0 of the same card fails to play back video. 1152x864 on both monitors, operating separately (Twinview 0).

Oddly, the AGP based card fails in the same fashion. FWIW in the console log, the monitor that works displays the line "VideoOutputXv XVideo Adapter name: 'NV17 Video Texture'" at exactly the same spot all the other boards display a 'floating point exception' line.

Changing the order of which monitor is attempted first and forcing config file changes matters.

I have to use legacy drivers as to support 7 monitors I need 4 graphics cards. That means I must use PCI slots, which means 5200 series chips, which means 173 version drivers as the 177 version drivers complain they will ignore nvidia chips.

I've attached the bug report as a bz.

Help Please!

Harry Coin
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File Type: bz2 nvidia-bug-report.log.bz2 (33.1 KB, 76 views)
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Default Re: upgrade to 2.6.26 breaks multicard video playback on all screens but 1


Whichever screen is set in the ServerLayout section as screen 0 -- moving video works on that one and no others. The rest crash the playback app. Change the order of the screens in the ServerLayout section and whichever is the new screen 0 will work, and the others will break. Note: all screens are 1152 x 864 resolution.

Of note: tiny preview subscreen moving video works in all windows. Full screen video dies on all screens other than screen 0.

Go figure!
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