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Default 96.43.xx: not just kde 4


the release of kde 4 brought attention on some issues of the nvidia drivers including the legacy ones.

Yet, there are some longstanding bugs manifesting with other software too...

Would it make sense to recall them to the attention of the developers so that when the new release comes out it has a chance to fix these too?

- Programs using the sun jre 1.6 have redrawing issues when scrolling. Text is mangled. It is not like in the kde 4 konsole, where lines are repeated and in the wrong order but still individually readable. Here text lines are scrolled correctly, but get corrupted "at the pixel level". At least this happens on a Geoforce 2 MX on Ubuntu Hardy.

- Blogs and websites report issues with Mathematica (again, redrawing issues when scrolling)

- Firefox scrolling can become extremely slow (again on geoforce 2 MX with Ubuntu Hardy)

- Acrobat reader scrolling can become unbearably slow (to the point that one does not want to use Acroread on linux on nvidia hardware at all and prefers kpdf/gv/...

If for some of these workaround exists on the current 96.43.07, please let it be known.
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