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Default [solved?] 177.80: XV unusable (black frames) in KDE4

I just upgraded to 177.80. I am running KDE 4.1.2 (OpenGL compositing). After upgrading from 177.70 to 177.80, xv in mplayer and kaffeine is broken.
Not every frame seems to get displayed. I get like two entirely black frames follwed by one video frame and so on. The sound stays in sync all the time. Downgrading to 177.70 makes xv usable again.

Any suggestions?

Last edited by mojito; 10-09-08 at 09:44 AM. Reason: seems like it solved itself
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Default Re: 177.80: XV unusable (black frames) in KDE4

Don't use compositing .

IMO, support for compositing desktops is still immature on Linux, and too much simply does not work well, or is unstable. Prove me wrong, please, I've tried very hard to switch to Compiz on three different machines, all exhibit annoying problems of various kinds. The basic architecture is not even officially there, yet, in Xorg (DRI2). Though it looks like nvidia solves much of this with their magic blob.

This rant is especially true when talking about OpenGL, video/XV (which nowadays uses 3D engine to power the acceleration) and the likes. In the mean time one has to use ugly and poorly working hacks in Compiz, like unredirect fullscreen windows. Yes, it's cool and pleasant to the eye. Yes, it often enhances usability. No, it doesn't work flawlessly (like it should), yet. Oh why does Adobe Flash disable OpenGL-acceleration-support when running under Compiz, again ? Because it's unreliable.

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Default Re: 177.80: XV unusable (black frames) in KDE4

KWin's OpenGL compositing is working surprisingly fine here. There are some performance impacts that I can live with. Video playback is as fast as it was without compositing.

I was just about to reproduce the error and create an nvidia-bugreport.log. I upgraded to the latest driver again, reloaded the module, started X and played a video with mplayer -vo xv. And now it is working without any errors. Not sure what went wrong when I did it the last time...
I guess I can mark that as fixed. If it happens again, I'll post a proper log...
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