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Default 71.86.06 and 1080i modes

I've been running the 8776 driver with my FX5200 card, as I have been unable to get 1080i to work correctly with newer drivers. Since nVidia isn't updating the 8xxx drivers for newer kernels and Xorg releases, I'm unable to upgrade. I tried to run 71.86.06, but it won't validate the EDID mode for 1080i. I've tried tons of 1080i modelines that I've found around the net, and I can get them to validate by ignoring the EDID data (which the driver is misinterpreting), but when I use them, I get a blank screen.

I'm connecting with a DVI->HDMI cable, as my TV doesn't accept VGA.

Is there any hope for 1080i?
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Default Re: 71.86.06 and 1080i modes

Originally Posted by crow View Post
Is there any hope for 1080i?
Very, very good (and very old) question. My mythtv frontend has only PCI Express which limits me to newer chipsets that are only supported by the newer drivers. As a result I, like many, am forced to enable deinterlacing in mythtv in spite of having an native interlaced display (Hitachi RP-CRT), and I'm not happy about it. It's the only significant flaw in an otherwise amazing (and fairly expensive) HTPC system. However I think I prefer that to being stuck in an un-upgradable state as you are.

In my case (as others have reported), attempting to use interlaced output causes a picture that looks great, but which drifts out sync every 15 seconds or so causing severe motion blur. A few of us have speculated that this may be the result of the nVidia driver reporting a slightly different refresh rate than the one Xorg is using:


This forum is full of threads relating to this and have been for years, with not one reply from nVidia and no acknowledgment that any issue even exists. My understanding, though I'm not certain, is that these issues don't exist with the Windows drivers, which pisses me off even more.

This of course isn't an issue for LCDs, plasmas etc. My fear is that nVidia is simply planning on turning a blind eye to this one until the day when interlaced displays no longer exist. If so, it may work for them, but I for one will never, ever buy another nVidia product if they're the last graphics cards on earth.

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