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Default Re: Nostalgia game thread

Originally Posted by restore liberty View Post
nope, quake was the first; doom 1 and 2 didn't use polygons, so they weren't TRUE 3D like quake 1 was.
lol, Add some specifics till quake is the answer.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freescape_engine Look ,Polygons...



"for me a TRUE 3D fps must have the name Crysis in it ,so Crysis was the first TRUE 3D FPS."

Having said that, classing 3D Maze as an fps would have to make Dungeon Master an fps also ,Which it wasnt, Or any game like Xybots with the 90 degree turns.

The Eidelon ,That was good.

But still , First FPS is nothing to be proud of being the single game style thats killed all others.
My GF got me one of those 4th gen ipod nano's the other day so I just put Head Over Heels on it (with k7zx converts speccy files to .mp3/wav) and it loads on the spectrum in about 30 seconds, I can try faster.
Its an amstrad spectrum +2 with the tape player built in so Ive had to use a mp3 to tape gizmo, Works good.

Why am I not playing crysis warhead right now???

Maybe some Master Blaster on the nes first.
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