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Default Unusual NForce drivers sound issue

Since I have installed the new nForce drivers, I am experiencing a special issue with the sound output.

I have a Yamaha TSS-1 sound system which takes dolby digital encoded signals as input. The soundstorm chip's dolby digital encoding on my A7N8X-dlx works perfectly and I am very happy with it. However, since I have installed the new drivers, a new "sleep mode" seems to have been installed on the dolby digital encoder chip. Whenever there is no sound played back for about 30 seconds, the outgoing signal does not seem to be encoded in dolby digital anymore. I know this because the status light on my sound system switches from "dolby digital encoded" to not encoded.

Now you might say this is no big deal... but the problem is that when playback resumes (for instance with an msn message alert), the first second or so of sound is lost while the encoding chip powers up again. This is a little frustrating...

The same thing does not happen if I switch to analog output.

Does anyone know how to turn off this new "sleep mode" feature or where I should send an email at nVidia to ask them? Also, does this happen to anybody else?

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Welcome! While I can't offer any specific solutions to your particular problem, I can give you a nudge in another direction. There are some quite good nForce-specific forums over at nForcersHQ. You might want to try searching the forums for similar problems and/or posting to one of the forums (there's one for Audio specific issues, individual forums for all the motherboard manufacturers, etc.). Many of the moderators over there are on the nForce beta team, so they're in contact with the Nvidia devs. Hope you get it working!

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Actually, I think it's working correctly. My Sony ES receiver does the same thing with my TiVo, my brother's receiver does this with his DVD-Audio player, and it's done it on every receiver I've ever seen.

Is it good for a computer? No, not at all. But, I doubt there's anything you can do about it with 2.45.
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I couldn't really find a forum that fit with my problem here... That other website has a thread with the same problem and a registry fix is apparently available!
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I've had the exact same issue for ages. It went away for a while when i played with some settings in the control panel. I have the same set of speakers as well as motherboard.

The only other issue i have with it is when i use my ATi tv wonder card i have to use the regular stream for audio since it doesn't encode into digital.
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