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Default Re: Upgrade time!

Originally Posted by v3rninater View Post
Just would like to say, wow, this is a nice upgrade! Already at 3.2ghz 1600fsb from 2.83/1333. Temps are very good, around 30ish idle/load. The only thing is no one program is detecting my temps/speeds correctly. Easytune says 2.3ghz 24C-cpu/33C-chipset. Other programs say the 4 Cores are 33-37C.

Windows says 3.4ghz, which is wrong. I wonder when I'll get a program that will actually detect my settings!? Anyone know some forums for giga-byte possibly?
CoreTemp does not see it right? I have always used that... and welcome to the world of quads! I don't care what anyone says... I noticed a difference from 2 cores to 4
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Default Re: Upgrade time!

Originally Posted by v3rninater View Post
Yes, I bought the mounting bracket for the heatsink just because I figured it was a monster.
The TRUE mounting kit or one specifically for the Xigmatek?

This thing?

Ive been using the Xigmatek since january and it hasnt fallen off even once!!!

Was a real ***** to install though ,I was never sure if the platic things were rotated right...

When I upgrade the cpu I'll be using a bolt thru kit, especially if I want to slap another fan on there.

Being all metal? The TRUE mounting kit would exert more pressure making better contact and more goodliness no?
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Default Re: Upgrade time!

Yea the true mounting bracket, not the one that came with the fan. It's a real nice fit for everything, except mounting the fan on the heatsink. That is still and issue, those crappy plastic pieces are junk...won't fit through the fan holes so I have to jimmy-rig it up on the heatsink.

Going to try and make a paperclip assembly or something like that and see if that works.
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