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Default Vista Superfetch

I know there has been various threads on this, people turning it off, others leaving it on. I just turned it back on, this is what I noticed...

I have 3.0Ghz Quad, Asus P5K, 4GB, 4870 system and Vista 64. After bootup and log in, without Superfetch on, my HD is fairly quiet and settles down quickly. This behavior is reminiscent of XP. However, launching stuff seems to take longer and the HD is really chattery (everything is defragged). After using a bunch of stuff and using it again when the PC is on for a few hours, stuff launches fast, etc.

If I go to launch something I haven't launched yet, it will be chattery again for whatever new app I'm launching.

Now, with superfetch, installing or running a new app/game gives this, but it remembers more apps and after a reboot, it is chattery when I log in, but after it settles down everything launches super smooth.

Superfetch = HD grinding when you log in or install a new app, apps smooth even after a reboot.
Without Superfetch = HD gets quiet after login, all apps grind HD when launching for the first time, apps launch smooth until reboot, then everything is grindy again.

I'm hoping in Windows 7 they can find a balance between the two.

Superfetch gets a bad rap but I think it works well.
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Default Re: Vista Superfetch

Having a Sammysung RAID array makes it pretty quiet.

Also Vista is designed to run ALL the time, that is by default it goes into it's hybrid sleep and really only reboots with an update or new driver. When you run it like that Superfetch works extremely well.
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