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Default Re: Which brand do you prefer?

My last 4 NV cards were EVGA, you just can't beat their Customer Service
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Default Re: Which brand do you prefer?

For GPUs, EVGA only. I won't buy anyone else.

As for motherboards, I get the best reviewed one in my price range, regardless of vendor. EVGA ticked me off with a bait and switch they pulled with one of their motherboards. It almost seems like a different company is running their mobo side.
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Default Re: Which brand do you prefer?

I agree EVGA is about the best with it's customer support ,but I have two BFG gtx 280 this time and I have had no problems with thier customer support so I can"t complain about BFG,but EVGA does have great support.
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Default Re: Which brand do you prefer?

BFG is a pretty decent brand.

XFX on the other hand... personally I think it takes some real luck to stick with that brand and not eventually end up dealing with major problems with both the product and their customer service


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Default Re: Which brand do you prefer?

Even though here in New Zealand their step up offer doesn't apply I would still say EVGA. My 8800GTX is still powering away after all this time with no issues whatsoever.
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Default Re: Which brand do you prefer?

I decided to get EVGA. Very impressive feedback on their brand, hopefully theirs aren't as problematic as some BFG cards were I've had in the past.
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