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Default Re: Factory Overclocked Cards- Good or Bad?

some past factory OCed cards ive seen have better ram for example that are rated higher then reference (zoltac had an 8800gt OC like this) while others just factory OC with reference parts going over specs.

Evga's factory OC g200's don't use special ram or anything, it's the same as vanilla cards. They are however tested and hand picked and are guaranteed to work at the factory OC
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Default Re: Factory Overclocked Cards- Good or Bad?

also will say bad idea, Overclocks should vary from machine to machine, you can't guarantee clocks.

you have customer A and customer B, both buy factory OC card.

Customer A lives in South Florida, rarelly turns on AC and preffers open windows for the cool ocean breeze.

Customer B lives in Alaska.
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Default Re: Factory Overclocked Cards- Good or Bad?

I have an overclocked XFX 8800GT and it would overheat to artifacts (high 90's) during extended 3d gaming sessions until I installed Riva Tuner and set the fan higher (I had percentages set from 60 to 100%)

I now have regularly clocked GTX 260 and it never goes above 55c.
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