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Default Clone HDMI/VGA w/ hardware downscale..?

I have a HTPC media center setup with an Nvidia GPU.

The output devices (HDMI and VGA) are currently configured as a clone output with 720p resolution.

The HDMI is connected to my projector and the VGA to a small 15.4" monitor primarily for playing back music without having the projector on.

The projector is a 720p panel, but has ability to take in 1080p signals and do internal downscaling. The VGA monitor handles maximum of 1366x768.

The problem comes in to picture when I want to insert a new 1080p compatible TV into the equation. This means I want the HTPC to output 1080p as nominal resolution, which is fine. And both the projector and TV will handle it. But the monitor will be limited to 1366x768.

In my ultimate setup I would like to tell the Nvidia driver to (in hardware) downscale the 1080p cloned signal to fit the 1366x768 panel best possible. As it's just an accessory for music playback in the HTPC setup it's not important to look good.

Recommendations would be appreciated!


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Default Re: Clone HDMI/VGA w/ hardware downscale..?

There is no hardware downscaling mechanism. Clone just means that a framebuffer is shared between two displays. If one of them has a lower resolution only a portion will be shown. That's just the way it works.
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