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Default Re: Next stable release

vizor, that's a good idea.

I have actually been expecting a bug fix release very soon regarding the known issue:
We identified a functional regression in a Linux kernel interface used by the NVIDIA graphics driver's power management code; the combination of this regression and a workaround for another third-party power management bug explains some of the power management problems reported against 180.xx on some kernels.
If it's a known issue on a stable release, surely they won't for a new list of features to implement, rather push out a rapid patch onto their "stable" release.

I was expecting a release last week to be honest, but surely this week will see the patch to fix the problem identified?

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Default Re: Next stable release

Originally Posted by personman View Post
Is there a difference between the OpenGL 3 support in the opengl 3 beta and the current stable release? Are the additional OpenGL 2.1 extensions from the opengl 3 beta that speed up wine gaming implemented in the current stable, or coming in a future release?

Mostly just curious, nothing I really need to know. Thanks.

The current 180.22 drivers offer opengl 3 support. The difference with the beta opengl 3 driver is that at this point it supports a few additional new gl extensions which aren't supported by 180.22 yet.
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