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Default OpenGL shared context performance


I have an interesting performance issues that's cropped up on Linux with the latest nVidia driver (although I have no indication that it's a problem with the driver.)

I have a process with quite a few threads, I share an OpenGL context between two of those threads (the initial reason was to be able to load texture data from a different thread to the main display loop, but also helps with my VDPAU implementation.)

On OSX everything is fine, it all works as expected.

On Linux as soon as I make a call to glxMakeCurrent I seem to have a performance issue in that my CPU goes to 100% (this is a dual-core machine so it looks like only one thread has the issue), the program actually functions quite normally, just one of the cores pegged at 100%.

If I don't issue the glxMakeCurrent call, everything is fine.

I discovered this whilst trying to work out the a performance comparison of using vdpau and non-accelerated ffmpeg ... so I can't compare them at the moment, I'm especially interested since I have to drag the data back from vdpau so I can load it into a texture.

At the moment I'm using the same drawable for both threads and I have found a reference that implies using the same drawable is a problem ... I'm going to create a new drawable for the second thread to see if that fixes it, but any other help would be appreciated.


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Default Re: OpenGL shared context performance

Ok, problem solved .. creating a Pbuffer and using that as the drawable instead of using the main one seems to fix the problem.

On my somewhat aged system, using standard DVB MPEG2 media, using non-accelerated ffmpeg, I used around 27% of a single core.

Using VDPAU it seems to jump around a bit but looks to average about 25% ... I'm quite suprised it's this high, but I'm assuming dragging the decoded data back from the GPU and then sending it all back again is fairly CPU intensive.

This doesn't include any deinterlacing, so this should improve the relative figures and obviously when I start looking at H264 this should get more interesting.

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Default Re: OpenGL shared context performance

Hi Lee,

Interesting stuff. I'm working on something similar (I guess!), and wondered how you're going about pulling the decoded data off the GPU. I'm passing an X11 pixmap to vdp_presentation_queue_target_create_x11, and ultimately I'm able to pull data off this pixmap using XGetImage - but its terribly slow.

Edit - just found VdpOutputSurfaceGetBitsNative, do you read from the output surface with this?
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