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Angry Install problem with latest factory-Kernel for openSUSE11.1

there is a problem in the latest openSUSE 11.1 factory-kernel from http://download.opensuse.org/reposit...nSUSE_Factory/.

i tried to install latest nvidia-driver 180.22 on an opensuse11.1 x86_64 system.
former kernel had no problems with this.
but this time, it was not possible to load nvidia kernel module.

the installation-script stopped, and told me that the built kernel module can't be loaded.

there were also warnings about missing symbols at compile time.

this is the relevant part of dmesg-output when loading the driver:
nvidia: Unknown symbol pv_mmu_ops
nvidia: Unknown symbol pv_cpu_ops
nvidia: Unknown symbol pv_irq_ops
nvidia: Unknown symbol pv_lock_ops

it seems, the above symbols are missing.

this was not the case with

i had to downgrade kernel to latest available from oss-repo.
with this version building the nvidia driver also was no problem.

does anybody know anything about this error?

Takashi Iwai <tiwai@suse.de> says the following on the opensuse-kernel-mailing-list:
It seems that we recently disabled paravirt on default config.
So pv_* don't exist any more.

I guess it's a problem nvidia side, e.g. you are building with the old
object refering to non-existing pv_*.
so what can i do?
i need help, please!
does the new 180.25 fix this?
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Smile Re: Install problem with latest factory-Kernel for openSUSE11.1

it works for me now!
yesterday i installed latest from

and then i copied the files ".config" and "Module.symvers"
from /usr/src/linux-obj/x86_64/default/ to */usr/src/linux/
then i went to /usr/src/linux/ and made "make prepare" and "make
then i did the usual "./nvidia-installer"
and that's it.
it worked this time!


so the problem MUST come from something inside the from monday!
or it was the "make cloneconfig" i did yesterday and the missing file
Module.symvers in /usr/src/linux/.
or the guys at suse/novell changed something in latest
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