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Default nero update

new update for nero to ftp://ftp.nero.com/Nero5599.exe

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how so? i really haven't notice any difference in any nero versions. its very simple and fast and has always been.
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Nero is definetely my favorite burning prog... Never had any issues with it ever.
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Only problem I've encountered recently is doesn't produce DVD's that work in stand-alone players. Same content with Recordnow Max works fine.
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Yeah, I can never get a DVD to play in my stand-alone, I always thought it was me and the settings I used...damn
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Nero has been steadily getting worse since 5.5.7.x would hardlock my system. 5.5.8.x and higher would give me errors of "buffer underrun was avoided x times." I've been using Easy CD Creator to burn my data and audio CD's (of which it does a fantastic job) and CloneCD for backup duplication. It's all I need and nothing more.
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I have always had good luck with nero software,the encoder for makeing mp3PRO cds sounds clean to me.
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