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Default Screen TOO Large - Ubuntu, LCD TV and AV Receiver

I have a Galaxy nVidia 9600 GT 1GB DDR3 RAM, with HDMI out to an Onkyo TX-SR507 AV Receiver, then out to a Samsung LNS4696DX LCD Television.

Prior to installing nVidia 185.18.14-pkg1.run, Ubuntu Display lists the monitor as Unknown Monitor and defaults at 1280x720 with 0 Hz Refresh Rate. I have full screen, and am able to view entirety of screen. However, it is clear that I should be able to improve the resolution, as the characters and icons are larger than what would be viewable under MS Win (1808x1004 - resized under nVidia Control Panel).

I install nVidia 185.18.14, and nVidia Settings Monitor (or whatever the name of that app is) reflects my AV Onkyo Receiver as my monitor. Auto defaults to 1920x1080 with 60Hz Refresh Rate. When I go into X Screen there are approx. 39 metamode settings all of which reflect 0, 24 or 60 refresh rates. Absolutely none of these metamodes allows me to view the full screen on my LCD Television.

I have gone into xorg.conf and defined the Monitor0 as Samsung and my model, and then added modelines after running gtf, and still, when I restart X, I have the Onkyo AV Receiver as my monitor, and the same metamodes in X Screen. No change to the full screen which I cannot view.

Can someone provide me a method to fix this so that I can use these proprietary drivers (want to use HD television applications)? I want to retain the ability to use full screen and view all content, including the currently unviewable menu bars, without losing Alsa 1.2.0 (provides for SPDIF Audio Pass through HDMI port on video card from motherboard header).
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