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Default RHEL-5.3 Install fails with 9600GT

System: Dell Optiplex 755 Quad-core with 4G of RAM and 250G SATA
Video: EVGA GeForce 9600GT "Low-Power" p/n: 512-P3-JN856-LR
Monitor: dual Hanns.G HG281D (1920x1200)
OS: RHEL 5.3 server i386

The RedHat graphical install does not correctly set the basic VGA mode with the card.

The RedHat installation starts as usual, but right after it probes the video card, it dies.
The "G94 (9600GT)" is detected correctly, then the screen goes black and never returns!

I pulled the 9600GT and replaced it with a 7600GT and the install proceeded as usual.
After completing the RedHat install, I swapped the 9600GT back into the system. But
then the system fails to boot. It seemed to be more than just a problem with the X server,
since the usual tricks of Ctrl-Alt-Backspace and Ctrl-Alt-F1 did not work.

As a test of the card, I installed WinXP. Basic VGA mode worked fine during the installation.
But when the driver was installed, the display became very unstable. The monitor's resolution
was incorrectly set to something like 1700x1080. Resetting to 1920x1200 corrected the problem.

Also, Fedora-11 installed without any trouble.


Instead of doing a text-mode installation, I used a 7600GT to complete RHEL-5.3's graphical installation. (Be sure to
include the Software Development pack, so you can rebuild the kernel later).

Change the default runlevel 5 (multi-user with X) to either runlevel 1 (single-user) or runlevel 3 (multi-user without X)
by editing the /etc/inittab file. Change the first uncommented line from "id:5:initdefault" to "id:3:initdefault".

Power down and replace the 7600GT with the 9600GT. After booting, login to the text console as root.

Copy the video driver to the /root/downloads and run the installation script
# sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-185.18.14-pkg1.run
Allow it to rebuild the kernel and configure X.

Start the XServer to test the graphical display
# startx

Change the /etc/inittab file back to runlevel 5 to start X by default and reboot

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