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Default xinerama/twinview issues with wine games

im having 2 seperate issues depending on wether i use xinerama or twinview

-- twinview --
in twinview everything seems to work except for games (i only play games in wine so ive only seen it there so far) seem to want to use the entire horizontal span of the two screens as their resolution (3360) but when it pops up the screen it only displays the game on the first screen, some games use only 1 screen and pinch the whole visual onto the first screen, some are just cut off halfway across.. both are no good

one game (world of warcraft) lets me configure maximized windowed openGL modes which work fine in just the 1 screen (which is 100% fine), but other games dont (steam, spore)

spore tries stretch the image like its on 2 screens but only renders on 1
steam games crash on launch saying it cant get some sort of buffer lock..

if there is some way to have twinview tell games my resolution is only the resolution of 1 of the monitors, so it fullscreens to only 1 monitor, i think that might solve all of my problems

-- xinerama --
i also tried xinerama and it apparently has many more problems

i cant open the terminal sessions with ctrl-alt-fX buttons anymore
theres 2 cursors when i move from 1 screen to the other

and none of the steam games, nor spore even launch anymore. gives an error about GLXBadDrawable

im guessing the twinview setup will be easier to fix since it works better and has fewer other random issues
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Default Re: xinerama/twinview issues with wine games

i found information about setting more metamodes with just 1 single screen being used when using twinview

i tried it out, the steam games (hl1 mod, day of defeat) now will switch into a single monitor metamode when starting up full screen... but they dont use the full fullscreen and then they crash... and it restores 2 screens

spore runs now with a single screen, but when it exits it doesnt change it back

also when it switches into the singlescreen mode it sets all of my gnome-panels onto 1 screen

progress at least
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Default Re: xinerama/twinview issues with wine games

This works for me:

Open nvidia-settings
Set the resolution of one monitor to "Off" and apply
Set the resolution of the monitor back to "Auto" and apply
Re-launch the game, and it only opens on one monitor.
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Default Re: xinerama/twinview issues with wine games

i ended up just setting up two new layouts, 1 with just 1 screen, 1 with 2 seperate screens, without xinerama or twinview enabled

im not using gnome with either though or it fubars my gnome-panels

i setup a new .xinitrc file for them with this in it:

nvidia-settings -l
#jwm &
#xsetbg -onroot Pictures/deathvalleysky_nps_big.jpg
metacity &
#wbar &
aterm &
xset m 3/4 3
xset -r 24
xset -r 25
xset -r 26
xset -r 38
xset -r 39
xset -r 40
xset -r 52
xset -r 54
and setup all my game launchers as shortcuts on the desktop, i tried that wbar but it kept poping up over game windows
the xsets are for certain games keying issues, and one is to configure my mouse
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