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Default Homeworld 2 in ubuntu 9.04 amd64 with 9600GT


I am in the process of changing over my home pc from Windows XP 64bit to ubuntu 9.04 64bit. About a year ago I had Windows XP 32bit installed on the same hardware and Homeworld 2 worked flawlessly. Upon changing to Windows XP 64bit, I began receiving the following warnings when starting Homeworld 2.

Homeworld 2 has detected obsolete video card drivers. Please download new drivers for your NVIDIA Corporation GeForce 9600 GT/PCI/SSE2.


Homeworld 2 suspects you have an AGP card running in PCI mode. If this is the case HW2 will perform better by switching to AGP mode.

Ok, I know I am talking about Windows in a Linux forum so I will get to the point. I receive these same exact error messages when I try to run the game in ubuntu 9.04 64bit.

A further observation is that the running (within the Homeworld2.exe directory)

wine Homeworld2.exe

causes my screen to flash. If I force wine to emulate a desktop the desktop will appear and then vanish. If, instead, I run

wine Homeworld2.exe -nopbuffer

I receive the above warnings. I have installed the game through wine-1.1.25. Adjusting the windows version to run on does not appear to fix the problem. The game runs, but very slowly (especially when panning).

Is there a way to force applications to run in 32bit mode? Is this the proper question to ask in this situation?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Tell me if I should include error reports (I don't know where to find them).

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Default Re: Homeworld 2 in ubuntu 9.04 amd64 with 9600GT

This is not an nvidia issue - this game works fine with nvidia cards. I would check if you've configured your wine setup first as you are running wine in 64bit - this adds extra complexity (missing audio plugins or various libraries missing that you must find for 32bit).

Homeworld 2 will always say you're using an obsolete video driver as wine advertises video driver data that no windows developer would expect.
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