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Default royal pains -- freezes and lockups w/ fx5600


I have been running into more and more problems with my current setup:

shuttle sn45g w/ nvidia nforce2 400
leadtek winfast a310 geforce fx5600

linux redhat 9
linux nforce driver 1.0-0261
linux geforce driver 1.0-4496 (and 4363)

even w/ the updated graphics driver (as of ~4 hrs. ago) I'm still getting x-window freezing and crashing just as bad as w/ 4363 drivers

sometimes the crash is so hard on startup from the BIOS I get

Warning! Now System is in Safe Mode
Please re-setting CPU or Memory Ratio/Frequency in the CMOS setup

and the memory frequency drops to 200MHz instead of 333 like usual

I don't see anything in any of the logs under /var/log that corresponds to the error states. Is there any other place to check? Can I add more verbosity to the logging that could help us troubleshoot the issue?

it seems a lot of people are having these freezing problems with the fx cards, maybe more. Is there anything I can do to configure the kernel or X so that I can use X without it crashing every 20 minutes? I don't need the fast graphics (right now....) just would like my computer to work.


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Default count me in

other people have also encountered similar phenomena...it definitely seems to be FX related. Either 5600 or 5200.

Something in the driver support of FX cards seems to be broken. Both 43.63 and 44.96 give the same problems.
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