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Default Total newbie has problem.

Hi, I just recently FTP installed the latest release of SuSe linux (I know its the latest because I FTP'ed it out of the current folder about two hours ago) and am very pleased so far with the general look and feel of SuSe and am starting to like linux too

Anyhow, like 99% of the planet, I have a nVidia videocard, (it's a Vanta, I got a GF4 in another comp that will become my linux comp once I am more used to linux, but thats a story by itself.)

Ok, I've worked as best I could without actually asking a question myself. I scanned the forum and several others before breaking down and posting here.

I gotta admit its helping me learn linux tho

Anyhow, heres what I do...

I dowloaded/installed SuSe ( I burnt the Boot ISO, configed it all up and stuff ). Good so far, then I D/L NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4496-pkg2.run to the base directory of my non-root user name. It was home\Grins2Pain. Ok, I then do the ctrl-alt-f1 and do the sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4496-pkg2.run, get the X server error, yadda yadda, learn to do the root and init 3 part of it(shutting down X, apparently). Then I find out I need the kernal source pack, which I set to download through YaST2, go get a sandwich, it's set up. Then I run the sh thing, get the error where the little bar won't even move, so I do the export IGNORE_CC_MISMATCH=yes. Then it goes a little further, THEN it says something way over my head about Nvidia.o (I have a little C++ experiance under windows, so I understand the basic idea of a compiler, source code, etc, just not the specifics of kernel compiling and linux are new to me). Anyhow, umm, I'll attach the log file thingy.

Thanks a bunch in advance from a total linux newbie.
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Default Ahem, heres the attach.

sorry about that
Attached Files
File Type: log nvidia-installer.log (7.9 KB, 187 views)
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You have been bitten by the problem that SuSE distributes many kernels and that they include the type of kernel in the version string.
You have installed an "athlon" kernel with support for 4GB of RAM, but the installed kernel sources are for a default kernel.

I think it is time for some more sandwiches.
Remove the kernel source package and install the one for the athlon.
It is also possible to fix this without doing that, you will need to make sure that all version.h files agree about the name of the kernel.
There are several on the system:

Make sure they all agree about the 2.4.20-4GB-athlon and try to compile again.

I agree, it is a big pain. SuSE should think about these issues when making changes like this (and the one affecting the compiler version).
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