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Default External monitor does not wake up on a MacBook MB604 running linux + PowerMizer issue

I have a DELL3007WFP-HC connected to an Apple MacBookPro MB604 using the GeForce 9600M card and the apple mini-DisplayPort to Dual-link-DVI adapter.

When the computer is idle for some time (or if I use xset dpms force off), both the Notebook's LCD and the external monitor are properly put in a sleep state. When I try to wake up the monitors, by pressing a key or by issuing xset dpms force on, the Notebook's LCD wake-up properly, but the external Dell doesn't. The only safe way I found to wake up the external monitor was by using xrandr or nvidia-settings to change the external monitor resolution to another value and them back.

This happen on both versions 185.18.36 and 190.25

My monitor is Dual-link DVI , so I'm using Apple's mini-DisplayPort to Dual-link DVI adapter. If I run MAC OS X instead of Linux, my external monitor goes to sleep and comes back with no problem, so it is not an adapter issue.

I also tried to run the same linux version on another Apple laptop with mini-Display port (MacBookPro MB470) and exactly the same problem happens.

Another issue I found, when the external monitor is attached, Powermizer always runs at the maximum performance level (Performance Mode: Desktop and Performance Level 3) even when it is completely idle. If I start X without the external monitor attached, PowerMizer sets the PerformanceLevel to 0 when idle. I did not try to use other external monitor than my own running at 2560x1600@60Hz .

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