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Default Problems with 260 GTX

I've tried running all manner of different drivers from nvidia. every driver upto and including the present opengl 3.2 beta drivers does this error randomly after playing for a while: (see attachment)
I have 4gb ram, running 64-bit edition ubuntu. and I have an nvidia 260gtx core 216 896mb card from Gigabyte. This error happens in wine applications, native applications, moreso in wine than native apps but that could just be because of load being placed on hardware. After I quit the program there is a snow effect on my desktop whenever I move the cursor or refresh the screen random pixels will change colour and not display properly. If I shut the machine down for a few mins it comes back up fine. If I just reboot the machine the problem persists. I also have an issue where if I play a game sometimes I get NVRM XID errors and the game freezes requiring an ssh kill OR I can alt-tab and kill the app. Usually the machine is unstable to run GL apps without freezing for a couple of minutes after wards. I was also gettting Xid errors with my 8800gts 320mb. The image has been cropped because I have a 30" dell and the res is 2560x1600 so to display the full screen will break this forum's limit for image size.
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Default Re: Problems with 260 GTX

Originally Posted by DMJC View Post
after playing for a while:
My experience is that if something (crashes, XIDs, video distortion, etc.)
happens "after playing for a while", then this is most typically a sign for
over-heating. As a simple test, you could remove the side panel of the
PC case and place a stand-alone room fan next to the PC so that
all components get enough cooling for sure. If the problem persists,
then you can rule out over-heating.


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Default Re: Problems with 260 GTX

Well I've now tested with both my 260gtx at 57C when it's crashing as well as an 8600GT crashing at 70C well within thermal tolerances for those chips. The crashes occur in 2d opengl games as well as 3d opengl/wine applications on linux so it seems to be irrespective of temperature and 2d/3d usage. Hedgewars a 2d worms clone managed to crash it. It's not just "after a while" these crashes are reasonably random. However guitar hero 3 in wine seems to trigger them pretty quickly compared to some other programs. Could it be another component within the pc is overheating?
OK I've just crashed again and this time I've got the deskfan on and aimed into my case. It has nothing to do with overheating.
[ 948.508739] NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 12, COCOD 00000003 beef5097 00008297 000016b4 00000001
gpu temp is 53C.
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