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Default Re: Jedi Knight Series on Steam - $20 for whole lot.

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09 View Post
If you have the game CDs just put them in while you play the Steam version, viola you have music.

I forgot how good Dark Forces was. Played through the whole game in one sitting last night.
UR FOOKING KIDDING ME!! Sweet. Gonna look into this now.
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Default Re: Jedi Knight Series on Steam - $20 for whole lot.

JKLauncher might allow you to install from a original CD to a 64bit OS (since 16bit support was dropped from 64bit windows).
Install or re-install JK from CD or backup without the hassles of manual install, old 16-bit launcher programs, and DirectPlay registry settings. (MotS install feature will come later.)
spotted that in a thread over at Rage3d.
There´s also a fix for some rendering error, where they wrapped some D3d5 feature that´s not working or somesuch. (the ddraw thing)
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Default Re: Jedi Knight Series on Steam - $20 for whole lot.

I finally found a youtube video of the game with the music. Now I do miss the music, thanks youtube.

Game is still great though. Might get the old CD version one day when I find a good ebay deal.
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Default Re: Jedi Knight Series on Steam - $20 for whole lot.

You should be able to find the releases they did a year or two ago. They sell for $5 here. That's for both Jedi Knight and MotS.
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