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Default Inconsistent behavior while changing display configuration from nvidia-setting

I have purchased a 9400M G based Dell Studio XPS 13 along with two DELL S2409W 24" WIDE TFT FULL-HD monitors.

The computer has VGA, HDMI and a display port. The monitors have VGA, DVI and HDMI. I have been able to get both monitors running using VGA and HDMI. Under windows I had no trouble what so ever but with ubuntu I had to put some more effort into it. First I needed to upgrade to a 190.xx driver as I experienced lockups with the 180 and 185 series.

To get both monitors running at the same time I set both of the displays to TwinView and disable the internal screen on the laptop. If I stay in basic mode in nvidia-settings and set the resolution to auto it chooses 1920x1080 which is right. The problem however is that only the CRT-0 screen works. If I go into advanced settings and start playing with the resolution and refresh rate and start applying different combinations between the two monitors I can get it to work. For the VGA connection I can choose between two different 60Hz choices. For the HDMI connection I can choose from three different 60Hz, one 50Hz and interlaced 60Hz and 50Hz. If I play around with different combinations of the 60Hz options I can get both displays working.

If I leave the computer and the screen goes blank the HDMI display will remain blank again and I have to try different combinations again. The one that just work doesn't necessarily work again. If I chose only the HDMI display it works every time - the same if I chose only the VGA one.

Why are there more than one 60Hz choice and why does it work so unreliable?

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