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Default Lf Sound Card Advice

Hi Im Looking For A Awesome! Sound Card Mainly For Music and by mainly i mean every second im on my pc i got itunes or winamp up...

what would be the best sound card for a media lover such as myself
if its good for gaming thats also a plus!
i use z-5500 speakers logitech (awesome speakers)
my budget for a sound card would be about 80 pounds so nothing too fancy

i dont know what motherboard im getting yet so i cant specify
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Default Re: Lf Sound Card Advice

For 80 you can get a decent X-Fi or one of the Xonar cards. I would recommend X-Fi as they are better suited for gaming compared to Xonars but still they do not lack anything for music playback. If there are (enough) PCI slots on the board you can get a PCI card they are cheaper, PCI-e is more future proof though.

Myself I am using the first version of the X-Fi card (PCI) but if I was buying now and have your budget I would definitely get this X-Fi Titanium card for 69. Xonars are decent too, a friend of mine has one and he likes it but the software that comes with them is pretty generic - same settings, some panels as you have with onboard audio. Apparently Asus uses a rebranded c-media chip, the same that is used for realtek onboard audio, so most processing on xonars is done in software.

z5500 are awesome indeed, a bit too bassy for my liking but they are great for movies and games. (I prefer stereo for music)
Specs change but the wattage remains the same.

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