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ohh kazaa sucks so much these days.
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ok, i've been working with shareaza a little more. It seems to work a lot better if your downloading 4-6 things at once compared to just one or two. But seriously, it eats clock cycles like a damn peperoni stick(<--- i really couldn't think of anything else that tastes good right there) It averages at about 30-40 % and peaks at about 75%. That's weak when your trying to pass the time of the download with a little game play.

BTW: nuff said
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I use KaZaA Lite K++ and eMule, and they are great. I also use WinMX, it's the best p2p IMHO, but the problem is there's not so many users as with the other two. You get much more precise searches and downloads with WinMX, but usually you get more searches with the other programs.

Another KaZaA "mod" is KaZaA Diet, some people recommend it, but I never tried it.
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The only file sharing network I use (and I use 'em rarely since I'm pretty much burnt out on filesharing in general) is Kazaa Lite. I tried Shareaza about week or two ago and it's a big waste of time. Every 500+ MB file I attempted to download had hundreds of sources but 95% of them were always choked or queued 1000 times over, and the remaining 5% were only giving me the file at a sorry-ass 5-10KB a second.

Even a small MP3 of an Iron Maiden song took 20 mins. I wanted to snag at least 3 songs from their new album before deciding if I wanted to buy it, and at the rate BitDrizzle gave me one single MP3, I figured "Screw this crap! It's Maiden - I'll buy that damn CD and hope it'll grow on me!" From there, I snagged a ROM for the Gameboy Advance to check out - 10MB file...which took an hour.


Now, I have a strict ass rule in terms of software - I hardly ever give any program a second chance to make a first impression. With Shareaza, I uninstalled it after my initial experiance and re-installed it 2-3 days later. The second time around, I couldn't connect to ANY G1 network at all. Period. Kept refusing me for some reason. And, once again, everything I tempted to download came to at 56K modem speeds (and here I'm with a 1Mbit Cable connection). I went to some forums to see if there was any way to speed the damn thing up and a few posts mentioned "uninstalling Zonealarm" or turning down the level of protection to Medium. Thirty seconds later, Shareaza got nuked instead for the 2nd and final time. This is only the tip of a laundry list of problems I have with Shareaza and the networks it supports. The only thing it has going for it is the hashing, which beats Kazaa hands down.

However, on Kazaa, I never had speed problems. Everything I ever downloaded with Kazaa Lite that was genuine came to me at 100KB a second or more. Of course, it's riddled with decoyed or fake files, which is a drag but even with that happens, I'm only out an hour or so as opposed to the days/weeks it would take with Slowaza, BitDrizzle, etc. etc.
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That because no one shares these days, I use my ****ty dialup and still I keep downloaded files in the sahrefolder so it speeds up d/l for others.
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