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Default GTX 295 performance issue


I'm using a bfg gtx 295 and been using linux for a long time, usually I find some kind of sollution on my own. But this time I'm kind of stuck. I don't know if it's actually the case or not, but when I start up into X and have a look at the nvidia-settings program.

There is the usual stuff it detects both cards/gpus ( I only run 1 295) I have the powermizer options for both cards and such, everything seems to run just fine. Problem is that forexample when I start glxgears and have a look at what the powermizer does. It launches gpu0 into maximum performance mode wich is great, but it keeps the 2nd gpu in normal boring desktop mode.

I've played arround with SLI and MultiGPU settings in the x.org config file, I've tried some performance mode setting via the nvidia-settings commandline tool. But if I set the card to run at max all the time it still only affects one gpu.

It might be a problem, it might be me who's stupid and doesn't see the sollution. It could also be that the 2nd gpu runs at max when 3d applications are running but it doesn't show in the powermizer. But til I know for sure I think the card is only running at 50% performance.

I run World of Warcraft wich I find to be entertaining stuff. I can do normal stuff like questing and 5man instances, but when I start to raid and things start to happen, the performance isn't what I want it to be, and I end up having to boot windows (wich I only have on my harddrive for wow at the moment).

Does anyone have any ideas about this? Could it be a wine problem that just makes wow run slow, or is it the card not taking advantage of both gpu's?

edit: ofc I have searched and read countless of posts and readme's both here and other forums but I haven't really found anything that I could use to solve it.
And before my 295 card I ran a Asus gts 8800 1gig card. Might be just me but it felt like wow ran smoother with that, hence my frustration now

Thanks in advance.
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