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Default Re: GTA IV PC, looks like we're getting the DLC add-ons.

Originally Posted by JT8D-9A View Post
Got the game today and installed it... runs and looks good with the recommended settings on my C2Duo (most high, view distance 28, 1680*1050...).
I guess i'm able to increase the details but soon i have to go to work, so no time for testing.

How do i enable/improve AA and where do i get the best mods/hi-res textures etc etc?

Btw, the requirements on the box (and only they count) are stating C2Duo 1.8 GHz. There is nothing written about quads. Support for 64 bit??
Anyways, the game runs on my C2Duo
A Quad-Core is the recommended spec, Dual-Core is the minimum spec. On the back of the box it says; "Enhanced for: 64bit - multi-core"
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Default Re: GTA IV PC, looks like we're getting the DLC add-ons.

I had no idea we had some many Computer Engineers posting on here. Especially ones familiar with the internal workings of just about every CPU on the market. What a lucky forum we are...
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Default Re: GTA IV PC, looks like we're getting the DLC add-ons.

Cheaters/The Hacks are back ,Weapons mods

It was a good 10 days while it lasted...

Host kicking power still works though.
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