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Default Re: Battlefield 2 Bad Company Limited Edition Announced

A really good interview was released between AMD and DICE about implementation of DX11 presently for BC2 and for future titles.


Heres a taste:

Q&A with Frostbite Engine team at DICE
We wanted to get a game developer’s thoughts on DirectX 11, the impact it will have
on gaming, and the problems it can solve for game developers. We asked Kevin
Strange, AMD Developer Relations Account Manager in the UK to interview Johan
Andersson, Senior Software Architect in the Frostbite Engine team at DICE. Here is
the interview Q&A transcript.

(1) Can you start please with some background on how you are using DirectX 11 in
the Frostbite 2 engine? What made you decide to jump onboard with DirectX 11?
I’m a member of the Microsoft Graphics Advisory Board which is a group of
ISVs (game developers, content creation tool developers) and IHVs (such as
AMD) that discuss with Microsoft and each other to help design and drive the
direction of DirectX.

We’ve been part of the DirectX 11 development from a very early stage, a few
years before there was a prototype available even. This helped us make sure
that many of the features & improvements that are important for us got in --
so that we have what we need to make the best possible PC games in the

There are 2 different areas where we are using DirectX 11 in Frostbite 2. The
first is to streamline and optimize the CPU performance; how our engine &
games communicate with D3D to take advantage of multiple CPU cores. This
has become a bigger and bigger problem with previous D3D versions as GPU
performance has been scaling and the CPUs have gotten more cores, but
without us being able to utilize them for rendering with D3D.

Now in DirectX 11, with the new support for multi-threading in the API, we
can render objects and submit it to the GPU in parallel on all available CPU
cores (we’ve tested up to 16 virtual cores). This will be a big performance
improvement and allow us to have much more variation and detail on our
levels while costing less than before.

The multi-threading support also enables us to get faster loading times by
loading shaders and other resources in parallel and to efficiently stream in
textures & meshes without stalls, which would otherwise result in unwanted
jerky performance in the game.

The second area of DirectX 11 that we are using includes some of the new
hardware features such as compute shaders. We use compute shaders for
deferred shading, which enables us to have many more all-dynamic light
sources than we’ve been able to have before. We also see a big potential for
using compute shaders for other future effects and optimization techniques.
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Default Re: Battlefield 2 Bad Company Limited Edition Announced

More footage released today in celebration of the PS3 beta beginning. Anyone gonna try it?

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