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Default 96.43.14: blank display with GeForce 2 MX400

".14" is an improvement over earlier NVIDIA driver releases in that the nvidia module is no longer generating a segfault. However, the graphics card is still not being initialized properly... I get a blank display that is not recoverable except by rebooting. The last entry in "Xorg.0.log" is:

(II) NVIDIA(0): Initialized GART.

I can switch from the graphics console to a text console (still blank), and blindly reboot the machine (keyboard and mouse still work).

My version of X is "oldish" to put it mildly (1.4.2, 11 June 2008), but the Slackware distro has had that problem for a long time. That being said, I'd like to verify that's the problem before going through the pain of an upgrade from 12.1 to 13.0 (which gets me version 1.6.3 of the X server). My system is an old AMD K6-III/450 on a Tyan S1590S motherboard (Trinity 100 AT).
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