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Default Outlaw Golf.....Yet Another "Sleeper" Hit for the PC Sports Nut

Hey ya'll,

I like to drop in here occasionaly when I stumble upon a game which I don't think will get its rightful due, yet deserves it because of how much fun it is to play.

This time, it's Outlaw Golf which, despite game publisher Simon & Schuster being permanently closed, was able to port this Xbox game to the PC before the doors swung closed.

I will state up front I like golf both in real life and on the PC, being a big fan of the Tiger Woods series.

This game, once you get past all the humor and inuendo, is actually more challenging at times than Tiger Woods 2004 on its tougher settings.

The reason why is that the game has an emotion meter of sorts and, depending on how your last shot was, it will rise or fall, effecting your luck on your next shot.

While there are only three courses, they...along with the characters....are all highly rendered and hang right up there in terms of quality with TW 2004.

The only place I've seen peddling the game is Gamespot, so it might not be a mass-market type title. The best part is the $20 cost, which this game is well worth and then some.

I could prattle on some more about the sweetness of this game, but click this link to a professional review which essentially sums up my sentiments about it.


This is one PC port that is actually done right...for once!
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