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Default Controlling the fan on my Nvidia 9600GT


There is this nagging problem I have with my Evga 9600GT card where it makes a huge noise up until the point when nvidia driver gets loaded and X starts up.

So, whenever I am without nvidia driver or working solely on console, it makes huge noise. e.g. I tried to use nouveau driver and I like what I seee except that I can't shut this huge noise.

Does anybody know of a setting that can permanently disable this huge fan noise?

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Default Re: Controlling the fan on my Nvidia 9600GT

Well, I don't think there's anything permanent, other than replacing the fan with something that's less noisy to start with, because it'll just go back to max fan speed on the next reset. The situation does kind of suck, though. Why exactly NVIDIA decided that with a GPU with hundreds of millions of transistors on it they couldn't spare a few to do hardware fan speed control instead of software, I have no idea..
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