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Default Q8300 Overclock Help

Alright so I want to overclock this chip a bit, but I'm an overclocking noob so bare with me. On my e6750 with 2 gigs of RAM it was as simple as changing the FSB to 400 in BIOS to get 3.2ghz.

I'm looking to get 3.0-3.2ghz on this processor as well. However, I switched mobo's and this Gigabyte seems to have a lot more options than my Asus P45.

Current specs in sig. Temps are pretty low atm.

What should I bump up to achieve that OC, what voltages (if they even need to be changed, RAM is already set to 2.2), which multiplier, what settings do i leave on or disable, etc?

Thanks guys. Just don't wanna fry my comp
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