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Default Re: 4K in Linux?

Originally Posted by bwheaton View Post
I suppose that's possible, but wouldn't help - the projector will have one consistent 'frame' on the panel, and if it grabbed a different frame (in time) in any quadrant, then you would see the join very, very clearly.
Not necessarily - those LKRI input cards might be able to re-sync the frames
with some more or less intelligent image processing algorithms (however,
I doubt it). Alternatively, you could add a G-Sync framelock module to one
of the Quadro cards in order to sync to the other one. In either case, you would
still sit there with Xinerama :-)

Anyway, if I could easily afford a 70K+ projector then I would definitly
spend this "little" more money for a QPlex, but YMMV *g*


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Default Re: 4K in Linux?

Originally Posted by mooninite View Post
I think Linux nerds everywhere would crap their pants if they saw a compiz desktop cube rotating on this 4k projector and two nVidia cards.

jesmith, would you be able to record (even if SD) video of this project and post it on youtube? It sounds very interesting. By video I mean from a hand-held camcorder, not a screen capture from the projector itself.
We don't run the desktop in our apps. We run a full-screen OpenGL UI. (This will be rear-projected onto a 100" touch screeen.) So basically, it will look like those fancy CNN touch displays.

We'll all know it's linux under the covers, but it won't be obvious from the appearance.
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