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Default Powermizer on 9500GT with 195 drivers

I've just done a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic and installed the 195 drivers from ppa:nvidia-vdpau/ppa. But Powermizer does not seem to work.

All I see is that when looking at my desktop (I'm not using special effects) it runs in Desktop performance mode, and when running something 3D it runs in Maximum performance mode.

But both modes are the same: 550Mhz GPU/400Mhz memory. "nvidia-settings -q GPUPerfModes -t" gives me only one line: "perf=0, nvclock=550, memclock=400".

I've seen some posts that suggest the 9500GT can drop to 100 or 200Mhz when it doesn't have anything to do, but mine doesn't seem to be doing this. On the Powermizer tab in nvidia-settings I cannot change anything. I added:
Option "RegistryDwords" "PowerMizerEnable=01; PerfLevelSrc=02222; PowerMizerLevel=03; PowerMizerDefault=03; PowerMizerDefaultAC=03"
to the device section in xorg.conf but it doesn't make a difference. I found this line in another post.

"nvidia-settings -q GPUPerfModes -t" gives me only one line: "perf=0, nvclock=550, memclock=400". So it looks like it doesn't "detect" the lower power modes.

I want the card to run less hot when all it's doing is displaying a 2D desktop, it would seem silly to run at full speed for just that.
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Default Re: Powermizer on 9500GT with 195 drivers

With Karmic, 195.30, and a 9800GT, I get the same result: not able to use powermizer options by editing the xorg.conf. Similarly, it seems there is only one mode reported by the card:
~$ nvidia-settings -q GPUPerfModes -t
perf=0, nvclock=550, memclock=900
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